Internal regulation of SL CONCEPT FITNESS

 For your comfort and safety, please read and follow these provisions regulated by the club.

General rules

1. Access to SL CONCEPT FITNESS is not allowed to persons under the influence of alcohol or narcotic and/or psychotropic substances.
2. You will be asked to cover your street shoes throughout your visit to the club.
3. All guests – members or guests – must be registered at the reception upon entering the club. Members have access to the club only on the basis of the membership card. All invited persons who are not members of SL CONCEPT FITNESS are asked to present an identity document at the entrance to the club and to sign the forms “Terms and Conditions” and “Visitor Form” in order to have access to our facilities.
4. All members must agree to be photographed and entered into our database in order to identify and legitimately use the membership card.
5. All members are asked to store their belongings in the locker rooms or in the safes at the reception. The club cannot be held responsible for personal belongings in locker rooms or other training areas.
6. Observe the club schedule – it is mandatory to leave the club 10 minutes before the closing time.
7. Access to the training areas after closing time is not allowed. Holders of Day Time pass can use our facilities every day from the opening time until 15:00 (departure time must not exceed 15:00; please check the club schedule, displayed at the entrance).
8. Access for minors:
– Minors under 14 years of age cannot purchase a subscription and can only come as guests.
– Minors between the ages of 14 and 18 can purchase a subscription only with the written consent of a parent or legal guardian and can use all our facilities.
9. All customers are asked to behave respectfully towards each other so as not to cause unpleasant situations that could result in moral or physical damage.
10. Smoking is prohibited in this location (including smoking with electronic devices).
11. The basic principles that govern the behavior of each employee / client are: lack of any direct or indirect discrimination, based on sex, sexual orientation, genetic characteristics, age, nationality, race, color, ethnicity, religion, political choice, social origin, disability, family situation, membership or union activity.

Rules regarding group training

1. To participate in the training classes, please register on the SL CONCEPT FITNESS website for members or at the reception.
2. Please show up on time, at least 5 minutes before the start of the class.
3. Access to an ongoing class is not allowed. Ongoing means the instructor has started conducting training or the music has begun. Please follow the class schedule.
4. Personal initiatives are not accepted during classes, except for those approved by the instructor (for example: changing the choreography, using weights, anything that goes against the current program).
5. If you need to leave training earlier, please inform the instructor about this before the start of the class.
6. The opinions regarding the instructor and / or class must be discussed after its completion with the instructor or the coordinator of the group training instructors.
7. Please return all used equipment after class.
8. For your safety, it is absolutely necessary to use sports or training shoes for the interior. For your comfort, please wear appropriate clothing for group training.
9. It is necessary to use the towel for reasons of hygiene.
10. Please inform the instructor if you are pregnant or have any health problems. If you feel dizzy, run out of air, faint, slow down, or stop exercising.
11. Drink enough water, the body needs hydration during training.

Rules in the training room

1. Only persons who are physically fit and have received the consent of the physician should perform exercises in the gym.

2. All customers use the equipment offered by SL CONCEPT FITNESS at their own risk.
3. The use of training equipment in the following categories is prohibited:
– People under the influence of alcohol, stimulants or antidepressant medication;
– People with health problems who have not received their doctor’s consent.
4. Minors between 14 and 16 years of age are allowed access only if they have a package of meetings with a personal trainer.
5. Sports equipment is mandatory in the training area: indoor sports shoes, T-shirt and pants.
6. Telephone calls are not allowed inside the training area.
7. Report any safety issues to the club to the management.
8. Do not occupy the apparatus during breaks between exercises.
9. Use only one device or accessory at a time, and allow other people in the training area to use it when pausing between sets.
10. Do not drop weights during training and put them back carefully when you have finished working with them.
11. Wipe the appliances after use.
12. Inform your fitness instructor if you are pregnant or have any health problems. If you feel dizzy, run out of air, faint, slow down, or stop exercising.
13. Contact our employees whenever you need our assistance.


1. Members must always comply with the Internal Operating Regulations of SL CONCEPT FITNESS, as well as the regulations, policies or procedures, as they will be displayed on the site, as well as in the reception area, training rooms, training rooms group, locker rooms. All such rules, policies, procedures are an integral part of these Internal Operating Regulations.

2. The operating schedule of the center is available at the reception of the health centers and on the website SL CONCEPT FITNESS reserves the right to modify at any time the operating schedule of the health centers as well as the program hours of the sports courses organized within the health centers, the changes will be notified to the Members in due time, by posting at the reception of the centers. health and / or website. Members must follow exactly the operating schedule of the health centers.

3. The member has the obligation to always have with him the membership card, for check-in, access to the location of the health center, and for accessing the locker rooms. If the Member refuses or is unable, for any reason, to present the membership card at the reception of the health center, SL CONCEPT FITNESS reserves the right to prohibit its access inside the health center. If the Member requests without being in possession of his or her membership card, either due to loss or damage to the card, or other causes. The member will pay a fee of 10 RON, in order to replace the respective membership card, only this way it will be possible to access the center. The entrustment by the Member of the membership card to another person, in order to use it in the center, entails the termination of the Subscription.

4. Members’ access and participation in group fitness trainings, organized by SL CONCEPT FITNESS under the leadership of the coaches within the center, will be done only within the available places and only if the Member checks in at the appropriate reception. Members are prohibited from coming to the center with Personal Trainers. Members can train only with collaborators (Personal Coaches) and the approved staff of the center. Members or guests who do not attend a fitness class must wait in the reception / lobby.

5. Members shall be prohibited from using inappropriate or offensive language in the Center as well as any form of physical and / or verbal violence, both against other Members or guests of Members, and against staff. Members who are dissatisfied with completing a “Feedback” form, available at the reception of the center.

6. Members and / or guests are prohibited from using the rooms inside the center for commercial purposes. For the avoidance of doubt, the use of the premises inside the Center for commercial purposes means that Members and / or guests may not provide other Members or third parties with personalized training services or any other services for commercial purposes and will not request or receive from another Member and / or guest, personalized training services of any kind. The coaches designated by the center are the only people authorized to provide personalized training services, and these services are available at an additional cost.

7. Smoking and tobacco use are not allowed inside the center. Access within the center under the influence of alcohol, drugs, stimulants, sedatives / hallucinogenic substances or illegal substances or other such substances or their consumption in the center as well as their sale / sale is prohibited.

8. The following actions or omissions constitute violations of the Internal Rules of Procedure, of the Terms and Conditions and of the internal policies, rules and procedures: violation of the rules for using invitations, violation of the Regulation on children’s access, misuse of the reservation system and / or the Regulation of group fitness class reservations, non-compliance with program hours, use of inappropriate, offensive language, smoking inside the club, training with a person who is not an employee / collaborator SL CONCEPT FITNESS, marketing and / or posting in the premises of the SL CONCEPT FITNESS of leaflets / brochures or any other personal messages, inappropriate behavior, physical or verbal violence against another Member, guest of a Member or staff, non-compliance with hygiene and cleanliness rules, use improperly of the equipment of training, exposing the private parts of the body inside the training rooms, allowing Members access to minor children, under the age of 14, inside the training rooms, without the prior written approval of SL CONCEPT FITNESS and any other actions and / or omissions / violations that are qualified by management as violations of the Subscription / other other rules and procedures such as those regarding children’s access / use of invitations and / or benefits / suspension of the Subscription / group training booking rules.

9. If the Member has committed any of the acts mentioned in art. 8. above, SL CONCEPT FITNESS will have the right: I) to suspend its Subscription, for a period between 1 and 3 months, depending on the gravity of the respective violation; II) to terminate the Subscription, without the need to delay the Member (the Subscription will be considered terminated by law – commission agreement, according to art. 1553 Civil Code), in which case the price of the Subscription or any part thereof will be withheld by to SL CONCEPT FITNESS with the title of pre-established damages.

10. It also constitutes a violation of the following Terms and Conditions and of the following policies, rules and regulations: unauthorized sale of Subscriptions and membership cards by persons other than those authorized, entry into the center under the influence, sale / distribution and / or consumption of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs, stimulants, sedatives, hallucinogens, or other illegal substances, possession and / or use of firearms, gas, electric shocks and any weapons, use of any form of violence, conduct of any kind unauthorized activities or requesting remuneration in exchange for activities performed by unauthorized persons, inappropriate behavior.

11. If the Member has committed any of the acts mentioned in art. 10 above, he is to be removed immediately from the premises of the club, applying at the same time the interdiction to enter the premises of the club.

12. Members shall not have access to areas within the Center which are intended exclusively for their staff.

13. During the period when the Member is inside the

center, his / her Member card will be kept at the reception. Based on the presentation of the Member card at the reception, the Member will receive a locker room key and 2 towels (free or for a fee), which will remain on him throughout his stay and will have to be returned to the reception by the Member at the time of his departure. from the center. If the Member does not return the key to the locker room upon departure, he will have to pay 10 Lei, as a replacement fee. If the Member does not return the towels on departure, he will have to pay 80 Lei for the large towel and 45 Lei for the small towel, as a replacement fee.

14. The locker room and locker room key may be used by Members only during a single entry into the premises of the center. Members can keep all their personal belongings locked in the locker room and will keep the key safe on them. Members are solely responsible for personal property, which remains in the custody and custody of the Member throughout their stay in SL CONCEPT FITNESS. All locker rooms will be emptied after use. SL CONCEPT FITNESS reserves the right to empty the locker rooms at the end of each working day, depending on the schedule of each SL CONCEPT FITNESS center, when the locker rooms will open automatically. Personal belongings, or any other items found in locker rooms, will be stored in a sealed plastic bag in a storage space. No clause of these Internal Rules of Procedure and any action or statement of any SL CONCEPT FITNESS agent shall be construed as an obligation of SL CONCEPT FITNESS to guard the Member’s personal property or as a custody or deposit thereof, meaning in which SL CONCEPT FITNESS is exonerated from any liability for the loss, damage (total or partial) or theft of the personal property of the Members, while they are inside the SL CONCEPT FITNESS center.

15. Members are required to wear appropriate sports equipment throughout training. It is forbidden for Members and / or their guests to enter the training halls with street shoes.

16. Members who perform weight training are advised to seek the support of a SL CONCEPT FITNESS coach or another training member / partner. At the end of each training session, Members will place all weights as well as any other equipment used in the training at the designated place in the training room. In order to maintain a high degree of hygiene, all Members must use, during training, towels and store any waste in the spaces specially designed for this purpose inside the center.

17. It is forbidden for Members / their guests to enter the center with food or to prepare food in the center.

18. For security reasons, the possession / possession by Members or their guests of any weapon (including firearms, gas weapons, stun guns or electric shock weapons) is strictly prohibited on the premises of SL CONCEPT FITNESS.

19. SL CONCEPT FITNESS shall not be liable for any injuries or injuries of any kind suffered by the minor children of Members within SL CONCEPT FITNESS.

20. Members must use in good faith all the benefits granted by SL CONCEPT FITNESS in addition to the subscription purchased, including invitations, according to the rules of use of the benefits and according to the final purpose for which they were granted, as these rules will be communicated from time to time to Members, by posting on the website and / or by posting them in various areas of the center (reception, training rooms, aerobics / group fitness rooms, locker rooms, etc.). Violation of these rules for the use of benefits may be sanctioned by the cancellation of these benefits based on a notification issued by SL CONCEPT FITNESS in this regard.

21. The Member has acknowledged and accepts that, during the performance of the Contract / Subscription, SL CONCEPT FITNESS reserves the right to change the schedule of courses organized in SL CONCEPT FITNESS as well as to cancel these courses with prior notice sent to the Member within a reasonable. SL CONCEPT FITNESS will also communicate to the Member situations that SL CONCEPT FITNESS is aware of or can reasonably anticipate and that may limit or restrict the Member’s access to the services provided by SL CONCEPT FITNESS under the Agreement, including but not limited to at sporting or promotional events organized by SL CONCEPT FITNESS or its partners.

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